Introduce erbjuder heltäckande finansiell information kring mindre och medelstora noterade eller listade bolag i Sverige.

About Remium Equity Research


Remium Equity Research offers unique expertise in the small and medium-sized companies segment. We are highly appreciated by our institutional counterparts, as well as by the companies we analyze.


Remium analys equity research 

We are a niche player that helps institutions interested in small and medium-sized companies to achieve complete coverage of the segment. We monitor about 120 companies and help customers to constantly be updated on relevant events in the companies as well as their values and prospects.

Through our offer, institutional customers receive a professional and constantly up-to-date coverage of what is often the Swedish market's most under-analyzed equities.

Broad Equity Coverage

During the reporting period as well as significant corporate events, we publish "Previews", "Report commentaries", as well as estimate updates. Below is our surveillance broken down by list: 



Remiums Best Ideas

After the reporting periods, we gather our best equity recommendations from our coverage. A longer and in-depth material is presented personally to our counterparties where we try to select the equities most likely to beat their benchmark over the 12-24 month period.

Remiums Select

Remium Select is a model portfolio where we are actively looking for excess returns with a 6-12 month horizon. As always, the analysis is based on fundamental factors and the companies are chosen from the analysis department's coverage. One requirement is that the selected company's share must have relatively good liquidity. The portfolio consists of a maximum of 10 equal weighted equities.

Remium Navigator

Remium Navigator is a printed collection of the recent quarters updates, a heavy guide with over 100 listed Swedish small and mid-cap equities. This is distributed to our counterparts within three weeks from the last quarters last report.

Remium's analysis department is the supplier of equity research to Remium's equity platform The platform contains about 100 small and medium-sized companies with quarterly updates, where you as an investor find the material presented pedagogically on a common platform. The research is based on continuous business contact and include a brief business description, historical data, prospects, comments, key figures, valuation and price charts. The research, which is without recommendation or target price, is published on our website and is available to all. The aim is to increase the transparency of the stock exchange's small companies to support a more efficient capital market.

Capital market days and presentations

In order to further increase the transparency of listed SMEs, companies may present themselves to investors at Remium's appreciated capital market days. In these contexts, management is able to present results, business models, strategy and market prospects, and answer questions from private as well as institutional investors.

In addition, in our centrally located premises, Remium holds approximately 100 corporate presentations per year. Where companies in connection with breakfast or lunch present their report and activities

If you have questions or concerns about our analysis work, please feel free to contact us.

Arash Hakimi Fard
Head of Equity Research

Phone. +46 8 454 32 56


We deliver equity research to institutions, funds and larger family offices. If you are curious about knowing more please do not hesitate to contact us.

Head of Equity Research
Arash Hakimi Fard

+46 8 454 32 56