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Cavotec is an international engineering group that supplies the ports and maritime, airports, mining and tunnelling, and automation and industrial sectors with power transmission, distribution and control technologies that form the link between fixed installations and mobile equipment. The company was founded by three Swedes in the mid-1970s, when the business consisted of importing motorised cable reels. Since that time, its focus has been considerably broadened to now include some 40 companies with operations around the globe. Cavotec was previously listed on the New Zealand stock exchange from January 2007, when Cavotec Group Holdings NV and Mooring Systems Limited were merged through a reverse takeover. The company has been listed on the Stockholm stock exchange since October 2011.

A focus on innovation

Cavotec has always been a driver of innovation, and over the past decade it has invested
heavily in four main products:

MoorMaster™: An automated vacuum mooring system that eliminates the need for mooring lines with automated vacuum pads.
Alternative Maritime Power (AMP): Shore power technologies for ships in port that enable the vessel’s diesel generators to be switched off, thus reducing emissions.
Automatic Plug-in System (APS): The world’s first automated plug-in system to connect cranes and vessels to electrical power.
Pre-conditioned Air (PCA): Delivers chilled and conditioned air to aircraft to eliminate the need for independent power sources and therefore reduce emissions.

Four areas of focus

Cavotec was originally a component supplier and has grown through a number of
acquisitions to achieve its current focus on two areas: Ports & Maritime and Airports.
These two areas generated the majority of sales in 2016. Remaining sales are related to
General Industry and Mining & Tunnelling.

The Ports & Maritime business area has been at the centre of Cavotec’s operations for
over 40 years, accounting for more than 40 % of sales. By focusing on safety, reliability
and the environment, the company has developed into a leading supplier and partner to
its customers worldwide. Ports & Maritime manufactures innovative power and control
systems, including MoorMaster™, an automatic ship mooring system, Alternative
Maritime Power (AMP) systems, motorised cable reels and marine slipring systems.
These technologies enable safe, sustainable and more productive operations in the
shipping industry. The company’s customers mainly consist of global OEMs and major
port operators, shipping companies and construction companies.

Cavotec has been active in the Airports business area since 1968. By focusing on safety,
reliability, innovation and, in particular, tailor-made solutions to the challenges faced by
airport operators, Cavotec has become a world-leading innovative supplier. Airports
develops advanced ground support equipment (GSE), including ground-based fuel,
water and electricity systems, PCAir systems, tunnel systems, airplane connectors and
caddy devices that make it easier for airlines and airports to reduce emissions, improve
efficiency and reduce environmental impact. Its customers mainly consist of public and
private airports and airport operators, aircraft manufacturers and construction

Cavotec began in Mining & Tunnelling with the electrification of drilling rigs and other
mining equipment. Mining & Tunnelling specialises in cables, cable reels and
connectors that reduce customer dependence on diesel-powered machinery, making the
mining and tunnelling industry’s operations more efficient and environmentally
sustainable. Its customers mainly consist of global OEMs and mining companies.
Cavotec is today a world-leading specialist in the mining and tunnelling sector.

Automation & Industrial works closely with its customers in order to offer excellent and
cost-effective solutions. The company provides a wide range of products including
spring reels, slipring columns, connectors, industrial radio remote control, cables, cable
reels and cable chains. The customer base is very diverse, including companies from
various industries and many international OEMs.

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