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G5 Entertainment

G5 Entertainment develop and sell casual games for various platforms. The company is both active in development and publication of its own games as well as partnerships with third party licenses. Commercialization is mainly done through electronical stores, where Apple’s App store and Google Play are the most prominent ones. Nowadays, the company’s focus lies at so called Free 2 Play games, where the consumer buys virtual staples within the game rather than the older revenue model, unlockable games, which are prepaid.

Development and commercialization of casual games

G5 Entertainment develop and sell so called casual games for mobile platforms. The company is developing mobile applications for various platforms, primarily App Store, Google Play, Mac OS, Kindle, Windows Store and Nook. Each game developed by the company is based on the in-house built Talisman technique which is one of the company’s most crucial competitive advantages. It enables effective development of innovative and advanced technical games, which in conjunction with the company’s elaborate processes smoothly and efficiently can be distributed to each platform comparable with Talisman, translated into 11 different languages.

The company’s initial business was contract-based development, where bigger mobile game publishers ordered games based on popular titles from various mobile platforms. However, since 2009, G5 Entertainment has taken the step from solely being a developer to also acting as a publisher of its own games. Furthermore, the company is also working with third party licenses and can at times act as a publisher for games made by other companies. In both these two cases, G5 Entertainment obtains a share of the revenue.

Games which targets a broad audience

The company is partially developing and publishing casual games with the unlockable revenue model, where games are prepaid, but also more advanced Free 2 Play games with a revenue model which makes the player buy digital staples within the game. The unlockable games are family friendly, cheap to buy and usually entertain the consumer for 4 to 20 hours. Since the purchase price is normally between 3 to 10 dollars, its intended to bring a lot of joy for a low cost in comparison to other entertainment products. As G5 Entertainment release more and more game titles, sales grow in line with the growth of the entire gaming portfolio.

The Free 2 Play games are more advanced with bigger sales potential as the players consume meanwhile they are playing. The importance of these games as a source income has grown due to more and more domination at the top lists on App Store and Google Play by Free 2 Play games. G5 Entertainments today’s focus is entirely on games with these characteristics since their revenue model have a much bigger sales potential. In this category we can find G5 Entertainments bestselling games, such as The Secret Society, Hidden City and the in-house built game Twin Moons. The company has done well with the transformation from unlockable to Free 2 Play, where the focus now lies at increasing the portion of in-house built games.

Smartphones and Tablets expected to dominate the gaming market

Geographically, G5 Entertainment’s lion’s share of income comes from North America, followed up by Asia and Europe. The market for mobile games and tablets is growing rapidly and is, in some years’ time, expected to be the dominating gaming platform. This is due to the technological innovation, where both smartphones and tablets are becoming faster amongst with better graphics.

The commercialization of the company’s games is mainly done through electronical stores, where Apple’s App Store, Sony’s Playstation Store and Google’s Android Market are the most prominent ones. Some selling is also done through G5 Entertainment’s own website, where the company basically obtain the entire sales amount. This is in contrary to sales through, for instance, iTunes as Apple obtains 30 per cent of the sales amount. 

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