ESL (Electronic shelf labels)


Pricer's businessmodel is to deliver systems to optimize and simplify the processes of price labeling and information dissemination via electronic shelf labels in retail stores. Pricer is a global company. It has an in-house sales organization and also sells via partners in markets with very low penetration rates.

ESL (Electronic shelf labels)

Pricer is active in the field of electronic shelf labels. The company's business is to deliver systems to optimize and simplify the process of price labeling and information dissemination via electronic shelf labels in retail stores. This has traditionally been achieved using ordinary printed paper, but the benefits of electronic presentation are many. Pricer develops products, selects suppliers and manages purchases. Manufacturing is conducted externally, mainly in Asia, which creates a flexible and scalable business model.

Working with electronic shelving labels gives stores new opportunities in terms of price optimization. Prices can be changed in real time and the system ensures that the price of the shelf is the same as at the checkout, which is expected to improve customer satisfaction. The electronic system can also be integrated with other functions, such as warehousing. Further obvious direct effects are lower staffing and printing costs since digital labels do not need to be replaced.

Customized labels based on a central system

The foundation of Pricer's system is a platform that communicates with the labels around the store using infrared (IR) technology. The system can send out new prices and other information, and also examine whether labels actually show the correct information. IR technology has the advantage of requiring low-power and is relatively insensitive to external interference. The system is currently able to implement 50,000-100,000 price changes per hour. The labels are powered by batteries and usually have a life span of 8-10 years.

Pricer offers two main types of display available in a range of designs and sizes. Its segment labels are based on LCD technology. These have a large number of preset segments within the label, such as for price and product information, and each segment can be turned on and off as needed. The other type of label is a dot matrix based on the same technology used in e-books. These displays allow the information to be entirely tailored, and detailed such as barcodes can be displayed and scanned directly from the label. The company attaches great importance to product development - both to remain at the forefront technically and to develop its production process to reduce existing production costs.

Global market leader with long-term sales processes

Pricer is a global company with installations in about 40 countries worldwide. It is a world-leader in a market with very low penetration rates and where competitors often are niche-oriented. At the global scale, only a few percent of world retailers have an electronic system for shelf labeling. Europe is today Pricer's largest market, and France is the country clearly dominate. Historically, about half of the installations have been made by Pricer itself, with the remainder being installed by partners from the company´s global network of retailers and agents. Sales are often conducted through centralized procurements, which sometimes involve long-term sales processes.

Pricer has installed approximately 140 million labels through 15,000 installations in more than 50 countries. Its customers have installed everything from 10 to 100,000 labels. These customers are mainly the major retail chains, with a particular focus on food. Other priority markets are building materials, electronics and pharmacies. The driving forces are internal efficiency requirements, and increasingly fast-paced pricing in the wake of globalization. Pricer believes that its system generally has a payback period of about one year.

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