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SJR is a staffing and recruitment company focused on providing mainly specialists and managers to companies in economy/finance, insurance, IT, HR and Supply Chain. In general, SJR has a larger share of recruitment than traditional staffing companies.

Focus on banking, finance and economy

SJR is focused on providing mainly specialists and managers to companies through recruitment and staffing. The company is working to flexibly provide its customers with the right labor at the right time, where staffing tasks represent the lion share of sales followed by recruitment assignments and project-based assignments in career guidance.

In general, however, it can be argued that SJR has a greater share of recruitment than traditional staffing companies. SJR attaches great importance to its clear focus on finance, banking, economy and insurance and believes that this niche choice is a success factor for the company. The company currently has offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Helsingborg and plans to expand by 2018 with a new office in the region of central Sweden.

SJR Group's growth compared to the industry (in the field of finance/economy) Q / Q:


Subsidiary and clear processes

SJR has expanded somewhat in recent years, and this is done exclusively through wholly owned subsidiaries. Student & Workers merged with SJR in January 2018 and in autumn 2017 SJR launched SJR IT to strengthen its position within that specific sector. 

Ogunsen is SJR's other subsidiary specializing in the recruitment and interim operations of whitecollar specialist and managers. SJR's ambition is to be able to deliver a personal offer based on standardized processes. By working on a process basis, the ambition is to shorten lead times and keep costs under control while providing customers with a tailor made offer.

Staffing, Recruitment and Career Guidance

Staffing or hiring consultants accounts for most of the company's sales. SJR is, in addition to its clear focus on banking, economy and finance, aimed at hiring specialists and managers, which has the effect that the company's consultants in many cases are classified as key personnel. This has also meant that the company has predominantly longer assignments and a large number of recurring customers.

Even within the recruitment business area, there is a clear overweight of assignments involving the recruitment of specialists and managers. Even though the company is working with efficent but standardized processes, it is important to see each mission as unique and to be responsive to its customers. SJR also works with a model where recruiters do not have their own sales responsibility, which will give the recruitment consultant the right drive - to find the right person for the targeted position. The company also takes on larger project-based assignments in career guidance with companies with conversion needs in the form of, for example, general staff reductions.

Recruitment's share of SJR Group´s sales from 2012:

Source: company reports, Remium

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