Recurring revenues in strong growth

08:30 / 12 July 2018 Vitec Press release

Summary for January-June 2018
  • Net sales MSEK 465 (388)
  • Profit before tax MSEK 48,1 (54,2)
  • Operating margin 11,4 % (14,9)
  • Earnings per share before dilution SEK 1,29 (1,44)
  • Cash flow from operations MSEK 119,8 (134,1)
Summary for April-June 2018
  • Net sales MSEK 243 (197)
  • Profit before tax MSEK 23,0 (29,8)
  • Operating margin 10,7 % (16,1)
  • Earnings per share before dilution SEK 0,62 (0,80)
  • Cash flow from operations MSEK 6,9 (35,3)
  • Acquisition of PP7 Affärssystem AB, Agrando AS and Cito IT A/S

CEO's comments

Recurring revenues grew by more than 26 percent in the second quarter while sales increased by just over 23 percent. We continue to prioritize growth in recurring revenue in order to further reduce dependency on non-recurring license- and volatile service-revenues. At the moment we are challenged in streamlining operations as fast as the business model changes towards an increasing share of recurring revenues. This means that profitability development for the first half of the year is weak and, in the short term, unsatisfactory. Continuous internal work on efficiency, however, has a natural longer perspective than a single quarter and that work continues with unabated strength and focus.

In the second quarter, we have completed three acquisitions. On April 9, we acquired the Swedish software company PP7 Affärssystem, with software the construction and installation market in Sweden. On April 19, we acquired the Norwegian software company Agrando, whose software is for church operations in the Nordic countries with Norway and Sweden as main markets. On May 31, we acquired the Danish company Cito IT, whose product is an industry-specific software for the pharmacy market in Denmark.

With these acquisitions, we continue to strengthen our position as the Nordic region's leading vertical software company, while adding over 85 MSEK in annual sales and 70 new employees.

The acquisition intensity in the quarter also entails significant acquisition-related costs, approximately SEK 4 million, which has an impact on earnings compared with the same period last year.

The number of active acquisition dialogues remains high, and we continuously put resources in place to maintain and further develop these dialogues. Vitec's financial position and readiness for future acquisitions is good, which provides for continued acquisition-based growth. With the acquisition of well-established companies and a high proportion of recurring revenues, Vitec continues on the path to act in several independent and specialized niches, to achieve sustainable profitable growth.
/Lars Stenlund, CEO

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Patrik Fransson, Investor Relations


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