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We appreciate your interest in Remium (“the Company”) and www.introduce.se. We kindly request you to read this webpage policy thorough before using the webpage. We want to inform you that we respect your integrity which you can read more about in our policy for integrity protection. By visiting this webpage, you give your approval to this webpage policy.

General information about the webpage policy

The webpage policy explains how the information at www.introduce.se can be used without violating the copyright protection or rules regarding page linkage to the webpage. Under the segment “Remium Nordic policy for integrity protection”, is an explanation how your personal information is being used, i.e. information that can identify you as a user.

Using information on the webpage

The information is general and should not be used as an individual and only reason for decisions in important questions. The Company is constantly working on having the webpage correct, complete and updated. Please note that errors such as typing error, external forces and technical problem could result in misleading information. Hence, the company cannot guaranty and cannot take responsibility that the information is correct, complete and updated.


The information on the webpage is owned by the Company. Both national and international laws are applied. All rights reserved.

Usage or distribution of the information that is unauthorized could break copyright, trademark and/or other Swedish or international laws and could be used in legal action.

The information on this webpage is not allowed to be changed, recreated, published, licensed, distributed or commercialized without a written approval from the Company.

The webpage contains pictures that belong to other copyright owners. 

Web links

Linkage to any content from this webpage should be opened in a new window and shall not be presented in conjunction of any other trademarks or logotypes from another webpage unless otherwise agreed upon.

Remium Nordics policy för integritetsskydd

The Company cares about your integrity. Please read the following section to see what the policy for integrity protection covers. 

Amplitude of the policy

Policyn handlar om hur Bolaget hanterar den personliga information som Bolaget mottar och samlar in genom webbplatsen www.introduce.se. Personlig information är information som kan identifiera dig, t.ex. ditt namn, adress, e-mailadress, telefonnummer, loggar från din webbläsare, din IP-adress och cookie-information och som inte är publikt på andra ställen.

Policyn behandlar inte andra företag som Bolaget inte äger eller kontrollerar, eller andra som inte är anställda Bolaget.

Bolaget tar inte ansvar för din integritet eller innehållet på externa webbplatser, till vilka det kan finnas länkar på webbplatsen.

What the Company does with the information

The policy contains information on how the Company is treating any personal information that is received and collected through the webpage www.introduce.se. Personal information is information that can be used to identify you, your name, address, email address, phone number, logs from your web browser, your IP address and cookie information that is not public on other places.

The policy does not cover any other company that the Company does not own or control, nor anyone that is not employed by the Company.

The company does not take responsibility for your integrity or the content contained on external web pages, to whom could have linkage on the webpage. 

Information about cookies

This webpage uses web cookies. According to the law about electronic communication, that was first applied on the 25th of July 2003, everyone who visits a web page that uses cookies should have information regarding:

-that the webpage is using cookies, - what they are being used for and – how cookies can be avoided. 

What is a cookie and what is it being used for?

A cookie is a small text file that the web page that you are visiting is saving on your computer. Cookies are being used on many different web pages to give you as a visitor access to various functions. The information in a cookie is possible to use to track a user’s activity on the web page.

There are two types of cookies. One type saves a file for a longer period on your computer and exists to ease individual user’s activities. For example, it is used in functions that require the user to login, register or make an order on the web page. The cookies are also being used for measuring page views and the total amount of visitors, for our internal statistical system and for our supplier’s external equivalent system. The information that is being collected regarding statistics is anonymous and does not contain any names, email address or other records that can be traced back to an individual user.

The other type of cookies is called session cookies. This cookie is temporarily stored on the user’s cache memory during the time that this user is visiting the web page. For example, it can be used to keep track on what language is being applied on the web page. These cookies are only stored for a shorter time on the user’s computer, hence they disappear as soon as the user close the web browser.

This web page is using both types of cookies to ease the usage of the web page for you as a visitor.

If you want to prohibit the usage of cookies, it is possible to block these in your web browser (the method being used to block these cookies can differ between web browsers). The method for blocking cookies in Internet explorer is the following: Go to Tools: Internet Options, the tab Secrecy, then press Advanced. Here, is it possible to choose whether you would like to accept or decline cookies, or whether you want to have an inquiry whenever cookies occur.

Updates of the web page policy

The Company can, at any time, revise this web page policy by updating it. 

Important Information

The analysis product review is created by Remium Nordic AB (“Remium”) for public distribution and is intended to be advisory. Reviews are normally quarterly updated. The content is based on information from public available sources, whom has been assessed as reliable. However, Remium cannot guaranty the reliability and the completeness of the sources, neither estimated forecasts.

Reviews are not allowed to be distributed to physical or legal persons that are citizens or have a residence in a country in which such distribution is unauthorized or illegal according to applicable law or other regulation.

The information in the review should not be regarded as a course of action or a recommendation to make a transaction. The information does not take in consideration the individual receiver’s knowledge or experience in investments, economical situation or investment goals. Hence, the information is not a personal recommendation or an investment advisory. Every investor is encouraged to merge in other relevant information and consult a financial advisor before making an investment. Remium disclaims all responsibility for any direct or indirect harm that may be caused by this review. Investing in financial instruments are associated with economical risks. The investment could increase or decrease in value, or become completely useless. A good historical track record is not a guaranty for the future.

Remium has formed internal rules (policies and instructions) for ethical guidelines, and to identify and manage conflicts of interest. The aim is to prevent and avoid conflicts of interest between the analysis department and other departments within the company and is based restrictions (Chinese walls) in the communication between the different departments. Furthermore, Remium has formed internal rules for transactions in financial instruments that are subjects of analysis.

Remium is a market leader in several business services regarding small and medium sized listed companies, within Introduce, liquidity warranty and certified advisor, and can make analyses by the request of, and against compensation, on covered companies with, among other things, the review product. Readers of reviews can assume that Remium has received or is about to receive payments for the fulfillment of business services by the company in the analysis. The payment is prearranged and is not affected by the content in the analysis. Companies within the Remium Group, their customers, administration or employees does normally have positions in securities mentioned in reviews


If you have any inquiries regarding the content in this web page policy, please contact our web master through email, available at info@introduce.se.


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