Disclaimer: ABG Sundal Collier is acting as Sole Global Coordinator and Bookrunner in the contemplated rights issue. Estimates will hence not be revised before the end of the subscription period.

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Calendar & Owners



The calendar includes communicated dates for future corporate earning events related to the current fiscal year. The calendar will be updated at the beginning of each fiscal year and then quarterly if new dates have been communicated. 

Upcoming events Date
Q4 Report 21 Feb 2019

Main shareholders

Below you see the main shareholders of your selected company with data being continuously updated. If the share capital and votes are the same, this means that the company has no disparity between A and B shares. 

Main shareholder data verified: 2018-06-30

Main shareholders Share capital % Voting shares %
Bure Equity 25.4 % 25.4 %
Fjärde AP-fonden 9.7 % 9.7 %
Fabio Cannavale 9.3 % 9.3 %
Lars Hellman 6.6 % 6.6 %
Stefan Widegren 6.3 % 6.3 %
Michael Colaco 6.2 % 6.2 %
Catella Fonder 6.2 % 6.2 %
Fondita Fonder 4.2 % 4.2 %
Leena Essén 3.1 % 3.1 %
Otonel Popesco 2.8 % 2.8 %

Insider list

Below you will find the latest record of insider transactions in your selected company. You can hover your mouse pointer over short descriptions in the list to get more information about the transaction. 


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