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iZafe and healthcare company TioHundra start pilot project with medication dispensing robot Dosell

09:00 / 2 October 2020 iZafe Press release

Stockholm, Sweden. iZafe Group AB (publ.) (NASDAQ First North: IZAFE B) – a leading life science company in the digitalization of medication management – has announced the start of a pilot project with healthcare company TioHundra AB involving 30 medication dispensing robots. The results will provide a basis for identifying areas where welfare technology can contribute to more efficient, safer operations at TioHundra in Norrtälje municipality, Sweden.

During the pilot project TioHundra and iZafe aim to identify, prioritize and work to enable operational developments in Norrtälje municipality. TioHundra’s ambition is to introduce the technology that Dosell represents to facilitate and create safer medication distribution within the area of home care services and personal assistance. 
“Using Dosell will enable TioHundra to ease the burden on its employees, because medication dispensing robots increase safety and can save both time and resources. Dosell can also simplify coordination of functions for company medication signing to avoid duplicate records. A crucial advantage of Dosell is that it makes life safer for users, allowing them to live an independent life in their own home for longer with less risk of medication errors. Relatives also benefit from increased security thanks to the function for remote monitoring,” says Anders Segerström, CEO of iZafe. 
About the pilot project
TioHundra’s aim for the pilot project is to allow patients/users to manage their medication themselves, thereby increasing their independence. Digital tools such as medication dispensing robots are classed as welfare technology and provide important support for ensuring safe medication management, which is currently managed manually. Care professionals in Norrtälje must travel significant distances daily, with many patients needing more than one visit a day, to dispense medication and provide other minor assistance. TioHundra hopes to use digital tools to streamline its operations, so that it can make fewer visits and improve the quality of those visits instead. 
The trial period with Dosell will provide a basis for TioHundra’s decision on whether to purchase medication dispensing robots. 
About TioHundra AB
TioHundra is unique in Sweden in that it is the only company offering a full range of health care and social care services. TioHundra’s innovative and efficient approach improves the quality of care and creates added value for patients, users, those close to them and employees. The Norrtälje model has attracted attention both regionally and internationally, being held up by Sweden’s Ministry of Health and Social Affairs as an example to other municipalities, county councils and regions.
About the medication dispensing robot Dosell 
Dosell is a robot that manages the dispensing of medication sachets. The roll of sachets is installed in the robot and programmed by healthcare personnel. The medication is then dispensed by the robot at the times printed on the sachets. The sachet is cut open when it is dispensed, and the patient then takes their medication independently. A reminder function helps patients to remember to take their medications. If the patient does not take the sachet despite the reminder, an app sends an alert to healthcare professionals who can then make a home visit to ensure the medication is taken.

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