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Moment Group

Moment Group

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Moment Group AB: Interim report 1 January-31 March 2020

08:30 / 29 April 2020 Moment Group Press release

A positive start to the year was followed by utterly different future prospects as a result of the corona pandemic. COVID-19 affects everyone at both the personal and professional levels, and our Group is active in an industry that has been hit very hard by market conditions that have changed totally. 


2020 2019 2019
(SEK million) Jan-Mar Jan-Mar full year
Net sales 238 217 956
Pro rata sales 184 191 820
Operating profit/loss -26 -3 52
before depreciations
Adjusted EBITDA, SEK -5 -3 81
Operating profit/loss -44 -20 -44
Adjusted EBIT, SEK -23 -20 -15
Operating margin -18% -9% -5%
Adjusted operating margin -10% -9% -2%
Operating margin, pro -24% -10% -5%
Adjusted operating -13% -10% -2%
margin, pro rata %
Earnings per share -1.55 -1.57 -2.85


A positive start to the year was followed by utterly different future prospects as a result of the corona pandemic. COVID-19 affects everyone at both the personal and professional levels, and our Group is active in an industry that has been hit very hard by market conditions that have changed totally.

After the fourth quarter and this year's first two months showed that the activities pursued with a focus on restoring profitability in our businesses had begun to yield results, it became apparent in early March that the impact of the corona virus on all parts of the Group would be extensive. We then shifted our focus and initiatives from measures to enhance profitability toward proactive efforts and risk mitigation with the aim of combating and limiting the financial impact and damage to our companies arising as a result of COVID-19. Intensive work is under way both to bring the company through the present crisis and to create a platform for subsequently reopening and continuing to develop the essentially strong business operations that make up the Group.

What began as a strong year with an operating profit after February that was SEK 12 million better than the previous year's, was suddenly replaced in March with an accumulated loss of SEK -44 million, a deterioration of SEK 27 million compared to the previous year. One major explanatory factor was the complete closure of the German market throughout the month, which led to our seeking bankruptcy for the German operation. This had a negative impact on earnings in the amount of SEK 18 million, but which does not affect the liquidity in the Group. The pandemic situation also triggered extraordinary expenses in the Group in general of approximately SEK 3 million, and thus other units were SEK 3 million the worse in the quarter than last year. However, the internal target for the quarter was far higher and more in line with actual financial performance immediately after February.

In order to secure the short-term liquidity of the company, an underwriting commitment for a new share issue and loan facility was signed in April, for adoption by the AGM in May. We have also received bondholder approval for the capitalization of interest payments for three quarters; furthermore, applications for both the recovery and suspension of employer contributions, tax and VAT have been granted.

The liquidity-boosting measures together with the cost-saving activities implemented will allow us to extricate ourselves from the situation in a structured manner, but we still have much to do to get through the crisis the entire experience industry is undergoing. Sustained intensive efforts to reduce our cost base will continue, while analyses and discussions with operators linked to the company's long-term financing will go on.

Following the most critical phase in the management of the challenges arising from the pandemic, the activities and measures taken during the second half of 2019 and which continued into 2020, will remain in focus. Creating more dynamic cost bases, flexible and relevant business models and understanding and responding to the demand arising from the changes in volume we believe will take place in the market in terms of both financial and behavioural patterns, will be of the utmost importance for our continued presence as a significant operator in the segments where we do business.

Gothenburg, 29 April 2020

Josefin Dalum
pro tem CEO/Group CEO
+46-703-94 80 92

This disclosure comprises information that Moment Group AB is obliged to disclose according to the EU market abuse regulation. The information was submitted through the auspices of the above-mentioned contact, for publication on 29 April 2020 at around 08:30 CEST.

Moment Group is one of the leading players within the Scandinavian experience industry. The Group creates experiences for more than 2 million guests every year. Moment Group operations are conducted in three business areas from offices in Gothenburg, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Oslo, Hamburg, Falkenberg and Växjö. Moment Group is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Main Market.

Hansen ( and Minnesota Communication ( operate in the business area Event, and together they are the largest operator in the Nordic events industry. Hansen plans, develops and implements events that are firmly established in the client's business strategy. Minnesota works with brand engagement, which means it helps customers create arenas for dialogues and participation through meetings, experiences and digital solutions.

In the Immersive Venues business area seven arenas in Scandinavia are run - Wallmans in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Oslo, Golden Hits in Stockholm and Kungsportshuset in Gothenburg. Within the business area two modern activity centres are also run - Ballbreaker in Stockholm and STAR Bowling in Gothenburg, where experiences are created where guests participate in activities based on games and competitions in combination with food & beverages.

Kungsportshuset in Gothenburg also hosts KPH Matbar - a Scandinavian dining experience with flavours from around the world.

In the Live Entertainment business area, 2Entertain ( produces musicals, theatre, shows and concerts. It creates special-order entertainment, arranges artists for corporate customers and runs five theatre venues and
one venue for dinner & show. 2Entertain also runs the ticket booking site (

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