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MT Højgaard Holding

MT Højgaard Holding

MT Højgaard Holding A/S: Enemærke & Petersen wins strategic partnership with Copenhagen Municipality

13:27 / 24 November 2021 MT Højgaard Holding Press release

MT Højgaard Holding’s business unit, Enemærke & Petersen, has won Copenhagen Municipality’s tender for a 4-year strategic partnership for renovation and new construction projects in the children and youth area, expecting to continue the good cooperation from 2016 between the Municipality and the partners of the TRUST consortium.

Copenhagen Municipality is expected to enter into the agreement with Enemærke & Petersen after expiration of the standstill period.

The Municipality expects revenue from the strategic partnership to amount to approximately DKK 2.5 billion over the 4-year period. Enemærke & Petersen will perform the work in close cooperation with the TRUST partners: Kant Arkitekter, Nøhr & Sigsgaard, Dominia, Norconsult, Lytt Architecture and Kragh & Berglund.

The new partnership is a continuation of the cooperation initiated in 2016 where Copenhagen Municipality tendered the first strategic partnership in the construction industry. The partnership was won by Enemærke & Petersen and the partners of the TRUST consortium, which has cooperated closely with the Municipality since to expand, rebuild and renovate existing schools, after-school centres and day care centres as well as new-built day care centres. A number of projects have been completed as part of the partnership, end all projects have been on time and budget with no subsequent disputes or conflicts.

“We look forward to continuing the trustful cooperation with Copenhagen Municipality and its advisers as well as our partners in TRUST. The great ambitions for ByK med TRUST in 2016 have been realized: We have succeeded in creating better and lower-priced construction projects at a high quality level, on time and without conflicts because we bring learnings from each project to the next project and cooperate to reach our joint targets,” says CEO Henrik Mielke, Enemærke & Petersen.

Enemærke & Petersen is also involved in two other significant, multi-year partnerships. In the partnership &os, the company and its advisers have completed renovation work since 2018 in cooperation with social housing organisation KAB. As part of Team LIVA, Enemærke & Petersen and its advisers have performed work since 2021 in partnership with Funen-based social housing organisation Civica.

“I am proud that large public and social housing developers choose Enemærke & Petersen and MT Højgaard Danmark for strategic partnerships where the parties enter into an interest-based cooperation and strike compromises. This allows us to break with the disputes and conflicts of which there are unfortunately still too many in our industry,” says CEO Morten Hansen, MT Højgaard Holding.

The agreement does not change MT Højgaard Holding’s previously announced 2021 outlook, but it will contribute significantly to the group’s long-term, sustainable development in the coming years.

Additional information:
CEO Morten Hansen and CFO Martin Solberg can be contacted on telephone +45 22 70 93 65.



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